What is PASS?

PASS stands for Peer Assisted Study Sessions. It consists of weekly one-hour, voluntary group study sessions led by “PASS Leaders”, students who excelled in the same course in the past and also understand the struggles typically faced by students enrolled in the course. In PASS, students work together in a relaxed and supportive learning environment to consolidate understanding, reinforce key concepts and develop effective study strategies.


What can you get from PASS for UGFH1000 and UGFN1000 students?

  • Improve understanding of the texts
  • Identify the main points and the connections between them
  • Learn how to read and think critically and independently
  • Prepare better for tutorials and assignments
  • Have a higher chance of getting a better grade
PASS: past and present

PASS is based on Supplemental Instruction (SI) developed in the US in the 1970’s and has been widely adopted in the US, Canada, UK and Australia since. Today, over 1800 institutions in 28 countries have implemented SI/PASS on their campuses. In CUHK, PASS has been implemented in the General Education Foundation (GEF) Programme, and subjects offered by The Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care and the School of Biomedical Sciences. PASS in CUHK is accredited by the Australasian National Center for PASS.