How can I sign up a PASS session?
Some PASS sessions require weekly sign-up. Please check and sign-up at RAS.
Which PASS session should I join?
Please join the session for your class. If you cannot join that session or, if there is no session for your class, you can join one of those for all students.
Can I walk in a PASS session without signing up?
Yes, but the seat will be first reserved for those who have signed up. You are strongly recommended to sign up for a session before attending it.
If I have signed up for a session but cannot attend, what can I do?
Once signed up, try your best to attend the session. If you turn out unable to attend, please cancel your sign-up at RAS.
A PASS session is held for one hour but I have class after the PASS session. Can I leave the session early?
Yes. Tell your PASS Leader at the beginning of the session and leave the classroom quietly near the end of the session.
Can I join only some of the sessions held throughout the semester?
Yes, but you are highly encouraged to join PASS regularly to benefit most from PASS. PASS can improve your understanding of the texts as well as your reading skills.
Is attending PASS compulsory?
No. PASS is a voluntary academic assistance program but you are encouraged to join PASS for your own benefit.
What can I prepare before attending a PASS session?
Remember that PASS aims at helping you solve your problems encountered in the course through group learning. Therefore, you are encouraged to read (at least part of) the reading of the week and bring your own questions to the sessions.
Can I skip the lecture and attend PASS?
Absolutely not! PASS Leaders will never re-lecture. In fact, Leaders regularly emphasize how important it is to attend lectures and tutorials.
How is PASS different from tutorials?
PASS helps you have a basic understanding of the texts and prepare better for tutorial discussions to have a higher grade. Moreover, PASS Leaders will not assess your course performance. You can tackle difficult texts with other students in a relaxed and supportive learning environment.
Is PASS like a cram class or a synopsis?
No! PASS Leaders do not lecture but serve as facilitators for group learning. In PASS, students work together and learn from each other to solve problems encountered in the course.
How can I be a PASS Leader?
PASS Leaders will be recruited around June each year. Stay tuned with the recruitment advertisement which will be announced via email. It explains the details about the eligibility and the application procedures.